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New York Non-Profit Serving Developmentally Disabled Children and Adults Settles Whistleblower Complaint
Alleging False Billing at Queens and Brooklyn Day Habilitation Centers (New York City) — A non-profit serving the developmentally disabled in three states falsely billed New York State Medicaid for day habilitation client services for five years even though its own attendance records showed some developmentally disabled clients were not present, according to allegations in separate whistleblower settlements between the provider and New York State and federal governments, Manhattan-based Qui Tam Whistleblower Attorney Timothy J. McInnis of McInnis Law announced.
EiHAB Human Services, Inc., (“EIHAB”) headquartered on South Conduit Avenue in the Springfield Gardens section of Queens, New York, falsely billed the governments for day habilitation according to the settlement agreements. While not admitting liability or conceding that the governments’ and the relators’ claims were well founded, EIHAB paid $54,000 to New York State and $36,000 to the United States. In addition, EIHAB was required to retain a compliance monitor approved by New York State who will send quarterly reports on the non-profit’s services billed to Medicaid, according to the agreement.
McInnis, a former federal prosecutor whose law practice serves whistleblowers across the country, originally filed the EIHAB Qui Tam Complaint in early 2010, under seal as required by federal and state False Claims Acts.
McInnis’s clients are two women who held management-level positions at EIHAB. They are identified in the Complaint only as Mary Roe and Jane Doe. Among allegations in the Amended Complaint, all of which were dismissed in the stipulation of dismissal unsealed with the Amended Complaint, are that EIHAB ordered a case manager to fabricate case notes and other documents to substantiate billings that also were needed for a 2009 audit. That false data was in turn sent to the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, (“OMRDD”) which licenses and regulates habitation services, it was alleged. More about this Qui Tam Case

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