Pennsylvania Consulting Engineering Firm Settles Whistleblower Retaliation Case With Civil Engineer

In 2004, and in anticipation of a settlement between the parties, United States District Judge Malcolm Muir dismissed David A. Anderson's whistleblower retaliation case against his former employer McTish, Kunkle & Associates which was pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Docket No. 04-CV-754.
Anderson, represented by qui tam whistleblower attorney Timothy J. McInnis, alleged that he was laid off in November 2002, and not called back for work because he had investigated and complained of fraud by the McTish firm and others against the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Authority ("FHWA").

Qui Tam Contact

The McTish firm had been awarded an engineering consulting contract to provide supplemental inspection staff on a road construction project along Pennsylvania State Route 15 in Tioga County. Anderson's allegations were set forth in a First Amended Complaint against McTish that was filed in May 2006. The McTish firm's motion to dismiss that amended Complaint was denied by Judge Muir in July 2006. The terms of the settlement between Anderson and McTish were not publicly disclosed in the action at the time of its dismissal.
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Order Dismissal (PDF)
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First Amended Complaint (PDF)


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