Montefiore Medical Center One Of America's Oldest Academic Medical Centers Settles Whistleblower-Initiated Allegations That For Six Years It Hid And Failed To Repay More Than $10 Million In Medicare Overpayments It Received In Error; Montefiore Medical Center Simply Erased A $5.6 Million Debt And Stopped Paying On Another, According To Federal Complaint; Montefiore Will Pay $12 Million To U.S. Within 10 Days

NEW YORK CITY - One of America's largest academic medical centers, Montefiore Medical Center ("Montefiore"), received in error more than $13 million in two Medicare payments from Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield ("Empire") then failed to disclose them as required by law. For six years Montefiore concealed and then summarily wiped its internal books clean of one payment. When Empire stopped sending statements to collect the second overpayment, Montefiore stopped repaying it as it had agreed, according to a federal Complaint and a Settlement Agreement resolving the matter that were filed simultaneously by the federal Government.

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