Finalizing the settlement was great news and came at an ideal time for me.

It was a long road for us, but given that we opened some eyes at CMS and adjusted some of our colleagues' behavior, it was worth it. Truthfully, you will sort of always hold an interesting and important, albeit periodically stressful, near decade long role in our lives. Not sure we would have gotten to the finish line without your experience, patience and dedication to our case. We could have been in deep trouble. I recall at times things became so complex that it was bewildering to me and I needed you to re-orient me to the myriad of scenarios you were arguing. I am still unsure how you kept everything organized.

All the best to you and your family. And be careful on your motorcycle adventures for goodness sake. Stick to squash, much safer.

Paul Tahlor, MD (December 2017)

Hi Tim. It occurred to me as we left our last meeting, that I never truly thanked you for all your years of hard work on this case. It was odd just walking away after all this time. I just want you to know I am grateful. Thank you. Peg Marino November 2017

Tim McInnis is an honorable and trusted attorney, which are very important qualities that are not easily found in most people much less a lawyer. Tim and I had a long 8 years of dealing with a large organization that knew what was happening within the company was fraud. After meeting with Tim and discussing my case I knew he was the right person to help me. He valued my opinion and input, just as much as I valued his. He has always given me great advice, guidance and I have always felt that he had my best interests in mind. Tim would always ask how I was doing after losing my job with this company and genuinely cared about how I was. Tim is not only a great person but an attorney that has values, ethics and honor. Thank you Tim for everything, it was great to have had the opportunity (even under the circumstances) to have met you. All the Best to you and your family. Jan Orlando, July 2017

Tim McInnis Law represented my case with the up most professionalism. He communicated with me at every turn of the case ensuring I understood the process as well what was to come next. His patience, comprehension of Qui Tam Law and persistence in getting me the highest amount possible out of the case is unmatched. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his law firm for a minute. Don A. Briscoe, September 2016

Based on the experience of my case, I know that Tim McInnis is a focused, determined and knowledgeable qui tam attorney. He is always extremely well prepared, very responsive to questions or concerns, and able to clearly explain complex legal concepts in a clear and concise way. Tim has significant experience representing whistle blowers and has obviously developed an excellent working relationship with the federal law enforcement community. Perhaps most importantly, however, he is willing and able to provide an honest assessment regarding some of the challenges a qui tam lawsuit will inevitably provide. Matthew Chisholm, September 2016

Tim McInnis is a superb lawyer for whistleblowers. As both a relator and a lawyer I worked with for more than three and a half years and his counsel and perseverance were always spot on. His work was critical to a successful settlement of the case. Stephen B. Diamond, Esq., August, 2016.

Tim McInnis is highly knowledgeable and extremely detailed oriented and always had my best interests in mind. My calls and questions were promptly answered and I was always thoroughly updated on the case in a manner I could comprehend. Always the consummate professional, Tim remained professional, calm and effective during some very heated, adversarial debates with the defendants. My case had a very positive result which I believe was due to his firm’s knowledge of the fine legalities of whistleblower Law and I highly recommend him. Patricia Mooney, RN LNC, July 2016

In the past 5 years I have worked with Rich Bernstein and Tim McInnis at Mc Innis Law Firm and have gotten to know them very well. There were times when it became emotionally difficulty for me to fight for justice in regards to my case, but with Tim and Richard on my side it became less difficult. They provided me with excellent legal representation as well as appropriate personal advice. They are both honest, kind and professional to their clients and am recommending their Law Firm to anyone who is in a situation that requires legal representation.

I thank them both for all they did for me and my family. MCK

Tim McInnis is an amazing attorney. He is intelligent, thorough, ethical, kind and he works very strategically in order to insure the best outcome for his clients. I would trust him with my life. He is not only an excellent attorney, but he is a compassionate person. Denise A. Romano

Confidential Contact

My e-mail address:


McInnis Law not only provided knowledgeable and expert representation, but they also displayed professionalism and compassion in every facet of my case. I highly recommend their services. Michael McKeen

Working with Richard and Tim from McInnis Law was one of the most supportive experiences I have ever had. While it was a stressful process, having these two attorneys provide support and guidance to me, made things run much smoother. They were sensitive to my needs and responded to all my questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend their services to anyone facing similar legal challenges. Anonymous per agreement with defendant

When I was trying to pursue my Qui Tam case, I vetted quite a few attorneys. Then finally I met Mr. McInnis. After some time, I was convinced that I had made the right choice. I found him to be very knowledgeable and hard working (true due diligence). What impressed me the most was his integrity. It is very hard to find attorneys who are truly ethical at the core. In fact, I often referred him to being one of a "few good men." Another noteworthy aspect of him was his perseverance. We encountered many road blocks along the way but he never gave up until we reached our goal. To sum up, I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help in bringing a case under the FCA. Jitendra Mishra

Qui Tam Contact

Thank you, Tim. It was wonderful working with you. I truly appreciate all your hard work and time on my behalf and your amazing leadership and advice! C. C. (client prefers to not be identified by name)

As a client of Timothy McInnis' law firm, I was provided with a level of excellence that far exceeded my expectations. Having no knowledge or experience with the type of case I became involved with, it was amazing to have the confidence and abilities represented by Mr. McInnis and his staff. He assisted me in all areas of my case and continues to address issues regarding the final aspects and insures that matters are complete. He has gone far beyond what I feel may be typical and demonstrated professionalism at its best. I would highly recommend Mr. McInnis to anyone seeking representation in this specific area. Deborah Yannicelli

After interviewing a few Attorneys for a Qui-Tam (False Claims Act) lawsuit, I was lucky to have found the Law firm of Timothy McInnis and Richard Bernstein. Mr. McInnis is extremely knowledgeable with the whistle blower procedures. He has a skill for getting to "know the case" before it proceeds to trial (if necessary). Many aspects of this case where difficult and he pursued every lead and question before making another move. His experience proved that he was the man for the job! Plus: I hear he is a tough opponent playing Squash! G. A. (client prefers to not be identified by name)

Thanks Tim. You’re a gentleman and a fine lawyer. I gladly endorse you as an attorney who is an expert in qui tam cases, such as mine. I know you and all concerned did your best. I am sorry it didn't work out. I know you are too. Edmund Rosner

I highly recommend the law firm of Timothy McInnis. Working with Mr. McInnis and Mr. Rich Bernstein was a very positive experience. My whistle-blower/retaliation case spanned quite a few years and throughout, they handled it with great patience and diligence. I felt they always listened carefully to my concerns, responded in a candid manner which I appreciated and were extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the law as they pertained to my case. I'm very happy I decided to pursue my case with them and grateful for their support and service. Rachel Gregory

Mr. McInnis, I wanted to say thank you for all of your help with my potential case. Even though the outcome was not at all what I expected it would be, I am very grateful for all of the time and effort you and Mr. Bernstein put into it. If anyone I know ever needs assistance with Qui Tam, I will definitely send them to your website. Alisha Adams

Rich and Tim saw me through the transition to a new position with a great company. They really helped me out of a difficult situation and I will always be thankful for their positive experience, support and great legal advice. Tom Doyle


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